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Last Edited: March 3, 2011, 1:25 pm

Started thinking about my life today.

How grateful I am to have seen so much, to have learned and am learning so much and to have had and am having the experiences that some only dream about.  I'm so happy to have lived this life, thus far, and have reamined here to be blessing to others.

You know, sometmes you look back and wonder "Why Me?"  When you become enlightened you come to know the reason.  That reason is, it could have been someone else you know and they would not have "lived" to talk about it.  But you, you are the stronger vessel, you are the one who can stand tall in the midst of that adversity and live to say, I've been there and I know how you feel and this is how to deal with it....

I reflect that and this today:  You only can be you, no matter how you dress or act.  If you choose to change it's on you.  If you decide to look a different way it's your choice if you decide to become someone other than what you think you are, you already are....

One thing I've come to realize in this existence is that regardless to who you were yesterday, you're that same person and so much more, today.  And, that although you are you, others see you as something totally different, they always have and they always will.  What you see and what others see are mirror images of one another.

So it is Above, So it is here and below...

With this DIVINE thought; I turn the cards this afternoon: Q A 9 (119  1019)

What I see:  1019/1016 1159 1029/1026 1019/1016 1969

What you might see: 1014 1104 1024 1026 6064 1996

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.  May the Creator continue the added blessings to these words.


Entry #293


WILLWRK4NUMBERSComment by WILLWRK4NUMBERS - March 4, 2011, 2:22 pm
Fri, Mar 4, 2011           Multi-State     Tri-State Pick 4 Day     1-6-0-1
Thu, Mar 3, 2011     Michigan     Daily 4 Evening     2-6-0-1
Thu, Mar 3, 2011     Oregon     Pick 4 1pm      2-0-9-1

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