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mouse or not?


was there a computer mouse shown in the movie you've got mail? the other day i got into a lunchtime trivia discussion about this very topic. we all know that the majority of the scenes in the movie showed laptop (notebooks) being used by kathleen kelly and joe fox with no mouse in any of the notebook scenes. By mouse...i am referring to an auxiliary-pointing device attached to a computer (not the typical touch pad included with a notebook). ok, there were very few scenes in the movie showing desktop computers, scenes at the shop around the corner, the fox book store and one scene with joe fox using a desktop in his office late one night. but the question still remains ...was there ever a scene in the entire film that showed a computer mouse? did any of the fleeting scenes showing a desktop in the distance at either of the bookstores or the night scene in joe fox's office show a mouse? did the scene with birdie conrad (jean stapleton) doing accounting in the back of the shop around the corner show a mouse? an entire film based on computers and e-mail ...was there a mouse in the movie? last night i watched the film and found the answer :))

Entry #5


ToddComment by Todd - May 5, 2004, 9:29 pm
So we're all on the edge of our seats - what's the answer???
Comment by golotto - May 7, 2004, 2:52 am
in the movie (you've got mail) there is not a mouse to be found at kathleen kelly's apartment or at joe fox's abode. there are computers but no mice at the little shop around the corner and none at the fox book store. not a mouse ...not one! but, if you look very carefully at 1hr:46min:39sec into the film you'll see the "one and only" mouse in the movie - watch carefully because if you blink you might miss seeing it :))
p.s. this same mouse also appears earlier in the movie (for less than three seconds) at 59min:01sec into the film, it's difficult to see being partially hidden behind a glass mug filled with pencils on the desk. one grayish-black mouse in two very brief scenes of only several seconds each.
ToddComment by Todd - May 7, 2004, 11:14 am
You should log those interesting facts at imdb.com - one of the best movie sites out there.

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