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Attention doesn't give your real strenth it just keeps you functional while you experience your dysfunction....

That came to me today when I was meditating about the negativity I sometimes experience here on LP. 


With that thought, I pen this message.

Attention, is the aspect of your human being or wanting to be noticed; it's your conscious saying "I feel imperfect. 

That's all that I choose to entertain about the enitre situation.  With that thought, I close this brief message with prayer....

Divine, whatever it is that has those who havesought to bring negative energy to and toward me, release them. 

Speak into their ears the directions towards the bridge that will allow them to cross over into enlightenment.  Fill them with the overflowing knowledge of Divine love.  Lead them to the spiritual place in your thoughts that allows them to be comfortable in knowing that You are waiting patiently.  Allow them to sit in your presence and know that you can remove the negative thoughts which were conjured up by their negative emotions.  Remove the feeling of self lack that has become a reality for them. Show them that there is and will ever be love.

As it is in YOU, let it be forever more...

Because the Divine is love, I am love and I overstand the power of forgivenees, you are forgiven and released from my thought.


Vibrating in 9 (judgement) and 5 (grace)

Entry #296


WILLWRK4NUMBERSComment by WILLWRK4NUMBERS - March 8, 2011, 8:39 pm
3/8/11 TN evening. 5-5-5

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