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A Message to the USA & the Rest of the World...


In many countries if you are sick you are supposed to go to work...I think i read that: $50 Billion dollars every year bussiness in the USA lose because of the flu or common cold...Listen, to the Rest of the World...1 person with a cold/flu can infect: at least 5 people per day the person goes to work with the cold and 5 employees of yours got sick per day...So if 20 people get sick in 4 days you are not losing: $40 dollars that that person could had contributed to your bussiness but 5 x that...So it will not be:; $50 Billion but 5 times that or: $250 Billion dollars...My advice to you, world if someone has the cold tell them to stay home...In the USA the world might lose: $50 Billion dollar the world might end up losing like: $400 Billion dollars per year, money that could go to important things....Instead create a system where the homeless or the elderly or immigrants or teens want to work for: 5 days and earn: $200 but 30% of the salary the substitute employee makes is reinsburst to the original employee... $200 because: $40 x 5 days = $200...

Then the substitute, you charge them: $10 like a tax...There´s got to be like: 50 million people globally who catch the flu or common cold all the time...50 million people x $10 = $500 Million dollars...365 days a year divided by: 5 days = 73...So 73 x $500 Million = $36 Billion dollars a year that bussinessess will make, money that can go into charity or for promotional purposes or whatever bussinessess want to do with it....

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