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My Cognitive definition of Vtracs


First: Vtracs... What in the world is that?  That is what I said when I first heard the word.. and that is what I hear here in Ardmore when I mention the word now..

My  cognitive definition of the word is this..

V standing for  variable

Tracs .. stands for Tracking...

So when you hear me say Vtracs.. I am talking about tracking variables... 

(Algebra) is what I think of and then get a sick-feeling... but believe me it isn't as bad as


*Note the only thing I hated about the way the vtracs method was set is that they name name each vtrac a number.. Some get it confused with the actual draw numbers..  So when I speak of vtrac numbers I will have the word vtracs in front of that number  or the letter v... So one will not think I have lost my mind when I say TN got 252 last night.. which it was v252.. actual number was 191..

The set up for the vtracs is this chart..  One has to print this and use it as a guide until it comes naturally ..

V #            =          draw number

1                =          0  or  5

2                =            1  or  6

3                =          2    or  7

4                =          3  or    8

5                =          4   or  9 

If you hear me say.. v5 has been missing in a state for more than 4 days... I am referring to the digits  4 or 9...


Entry #30


jordi mareyComment by jordi marey - November 25, 2005, 6:13 pm

a gracious Thank You. I have heard the term in several of the threads and was once referred to a site shortly after becomming a premi. Now, the light is beginning to glow. Is there anything more you can add? If not, I shall search through some of your previous writings.

This v-Trac may be challenge.

again tks for taking the time for us newbies.

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