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Mr Rundown System Pick 4 (Example)


Last Edited: March 9, 2011, 2:42 pm

The most important thing to remember about Pick 4 is that Pick 4 is Pick 3 with a number added to the front. Therefore, when trying to do a Pick 4 workout forget the front number and work with only the back three numbers. Once you accomplish this the front number is easy to come up with because you just walk the number down. What I mean by that is you just change the front number from 0 to 9. In tis way either way you got a hit. 

On Monday Evening Ga. Lottery drew 3913. Now in my Pick 4 book I have it as 4913 instead. Which is not that big of a deal since remember Isaid the back three numbers are what is important. Also in an earlier post I said that in most states that when they draw number they are drawn from evening-to-evening and midday-to-midday. Okay! So if I want to get Ga. Pick 4 numbers for Tuesday Evening I should be able to go back to Monday Evening numbers and see it. Remember I said in my Pick 4 book I have it as 4913. I am not going indicate the numbers I am let you found instead; but the number drawn last night was 3349. Here is how it looks in my Pick 4 book.



                                                Mr Lottery Rundown System


9451-3820-6189                        9433-3802-6171                                3839-7208-0577

0562-4931-8300                        0544-4913-7282                                4950-8319-1688

1673-5042-9411                        1655-5024-8393                                5061-9420-2789

2784-6153-0522                         2766-6135-0504                               6162-0531-4900

3895-7264-1633                        3877-7246-1615                                7273-1642-5011

5006-8375-2744                        4988-8357-2726                                8384-2753-6122

6117-9486-3855                        5099-9468-3837                                9495-3864-7233

7228-0597-4966                        7210-0579-4948                                1606-0975-8344

8339-2708-5077                        8311-1680-5049                                2717-5086-9455

7239-1608-4977                        9422-2791-6160                                3828-6197-0566

8350-2719-5088                  ***0533-4902-7271                                4939-8308-1677

9451-3820-6189                  ***9433-3802-6171                                3839-7208-0577




Can you find last night number that was drawn in Georgia???

**** Ga Midday Numbers for Wednesday was 3505...it is on the same track with Tuesday Evening Numbers 3349. Can you find it as well?...Hint! They are right next to each other. That would be the double mate to the (0553-0533). If you would like to know more click here:

"Mr Lottery Turns Your Lottery Tickets Into Cash" 

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