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Club Keno Scam!!!!


Is there anyone out there that played club keno on Saturday November 26, 2005 or any other days and had a discrepency with the numbers that were drawn? I would like to find out any information that I can because I believe the state pulled a fast one by switching one of the numbers. On November 26, 2005, my husband and I went to dinner and after dinner was done, he decided to play club keno. After he came back to the table with his ticket we waited for the drawing. Draw number 180054 was our first draw and I was watching the numbers and reading them to my husband. He didn't think this was our ticket because he thought he did not get it in in time. I told him it figured because 9 out of 10 numbers would not come up again the rest of the night. We looked at the numbers, twice each and could not believe the numbers we play came up. The only number that did not come up, 66, was not one we usually play. When the next draw started I looked in the corner and noticed it was draw 180055. After realizing the draw before(180054) was ours, I took the ticket to the bartender and had her validate it. She verified the 9 numbers, along with the kicker being 4 and then called her manager. The manager said we were the highest winners at that restaurant/bar. When she validated the ticket though, it never showed an amount or the numbers that were drawn, it just said you have to claim your prize at the nearest lottery retailer. So, on Monday, November 28, 2005 we went to the lottery office first thing in the morning to collect our money. The first lady gave us the paperwork and had us fill it out and she asked what we won. We told her $20,000 and she couldn't believe it and snatched the ticket from us and gave it to another lady who disappeared to the back somewhere for quite a while and when she came back she told us it was only worth $2,000. We both protested and told them they were wrong. They then had a third lady investigate and when she called us back, she had the check for the $2,000. We insisted that there was definitely an error somewhere so she let us look on the computer. I know what the computer said, but I also know what we saw! When we called her on it that the state can alter numbers she played stupid and said , "Oh, we don't do that. We can't. If we did, we would have to close down tomorrow. In the twelve years I've been here, it's only happened once." She completely contradicted herself in one sentence. Then she was adamant that we could take the $2,000 but not sign off on it, and send it on to Lansing, MI to be further investigated. She was so eager and willing to do this...give away money and not have someone sign for it, that it made me wonder how many times this actually happens to people. If anyone has had any similar problems with club keno or any other games, I would like to know and would appreciate your feedback.

Entry #1


Comment by NoCompLotto! - November 29, 2005, 6:06 am

I'm from MI, and I had a "glitch" with CK today too... I'll explain later...

1. Are you sure the ticket said "KICKER - YES" right below the numbers? When the retailer scans the playslip, it will pop up a message that says the ticket price is being doubled and the retailer MUST press the "YES" key on the terminal to accept. Are you sure your husband said yes? Are you sure the retailer didn't accidentally press "No"?

2. By the way your story goes, it doesn't seem like there was a way that you played a 10-spot game...hold on a sec...

3. If you look at the MI Lottery's website ( http://milottery.state.mi.us/msl-ck-detail.php, then click on Club Keno, and enter the draw # 180054 ), you will find that NO TICKETS matched 9 numbers... There WAS, however, one ticket that matched 8 numbers WITH Kicker (it is listed as 4 wins.. read the explanation at the bottom of that page). I can make an assumption that this is yours. So, unless the numbers on the website are wrong, the lottery is right... you DID only win $2,000. Check the ticket CAREFULLY (if you still have it) against what the website says... I have not known it once to be wrong.

On to my issues with Kicker & CK:

I played kicker for the first time today... It seemed to act just the opposite for me - it gave me MORE money than what I thought I was entitled to.. I played a 4-spot EP (26, 44, 69, 75) for 10 draws, and matched 3 of 4 ONCE, with a kicker number of 1x. Somehow I got a $10 payout. I checked all the numbers and all of them dictate that I was only supposed to win $5. How I got $10, I have no clue. Also, I played a 10-spot, no kicker this time. I matched 5 numbers on one draw, and this is supposed to be $2, right? Somehow, I got $25. I think the entire "Kicker" system is screwed up in its payouts and how it records the numbers.

Michigan was actually smart to not reveal the larger amounts won by winners... it keeps retailer theft down to a minimum, if any.

PM me if you want any additional info.


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