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If You Want Someone to Write You a: $50 Million dollar Check: & CHEMISTRY...


Last Edited: March 27, 2011, 4:08 am

design a medium plane that will carry: 80 passengers or 100 passengers or 120 passengers or 140 passengers....Most airline planes carry 500 passengers...Right now such planes do not exist...For what????For plane travel between provinces of countries or cities to nearby cities...Many times in many countries the road that connects 1 province with the next is heavy in traffic...Medium planes the maximum they carry is what: 20 passengers or 40 passengers....There is a big market for such planes around the world, HUGE is like PETROLEUM...


Guys i dont know why i didnt SEE this before but i made me very happy to realized it...And i am PROUD TO ANNOUNCE IT TO THE REST OF THE WORLD...here it is:



Chemistry took over Mathematics spot...

This is a major milestone for me to have realized this...SO I REPEAT TO THE WORLD, IS NOT MATHEMATICS IS CHEMISTRY...

There are a lot of subject/classes that derived from Chemistry or have strong Chemistry foundations...A good example is: Pharmaceuticals...


However there are somethings you should know about Chemistry...Is a New Science not that old, Math is older than Chemistry...However you could argue that some chemistry is used in Medicine and Medicine is older than Mathematics if i am not mistaken...Issac Newton was a chemist an alchemist so i heard...However there is some problems i will call them setbacks with Chemistry...Whenever there is an invention or discovery related to Chemistry, they cause somee/great damages to humanity if not in the right hands or with the best of intentions...Cigarettes is Chemistry, not to mention the population of Germany had died because of Cigarettes, had AIDS been a biological weapon look its footprints, not to mention the population of Afganistan had died because of AIDS, the Nuclear Bomb is Chemistry, look at its footprints/claws, Cars is derivative of Chemistry, great invention but look also at what cars do with global warming, not to mention the population of Afganistan had died because of high speed car, look at PETROLEUM is a product of Chemistry, large scale wars have been done in the name of Petroleum...Just those 5 or 6 examples is enough to tie the world and give it 800 whips/lashes...If someone comes up with the Asteroid size SUPERBUG with the Earth´s name on IT IN SOME SECRET LAB, it too will be a product or derivative of Chemistry...If someone invents some kind of SUPER HIGHLY ADDICTED PHARMACEUTICAL DRUG, it too will be product/biproduct/derivative of Chemistry and it will be another: 200 lashes/whip more for the planet...And the thing is that Chemistry is a young science, who knows what awaits us/the planet in the future...

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