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How to make Water Last: Be Enough for Everyone...


This goes to the State of California also...
This is just to prove who is smarter the human or the cow.....
i owe this idea to Worldview...

Water runs 24/7...Yet from: 12 at midnight to 6am or 5am, NOBODY USES WATER at that time, EVERYONE IS SLEEPING...
Why not use that water from 12 at midnight to 6am or 5am and give it to someone else...or Interconnect the continents...When half of the planet is dark and the other one is sunlight give the water from the dark side to the day side to those that need it and viceversa...?

Entry #1,726


Comment by pumpi76 - March 30, 2011, 11:21 pm
a lot of people know a LOT of stuff, A LOT but it depends how you give them the test if you expect them to say the asnswer verbatim from the top of their head they will not such a feat is like walking in a hurricane but if you asked them multiple choice you will be suprise at how much people know...I MEAN A LOT BUT IT HAS TO BE MULTIPLE CHOICE NO OTHER AND IF YOU GIVE THEM 2 SHOTS TO GET IT CORRECT IS EVEN BETTER...

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