Platinum Search Finished ... Again


After more thoroughly testing the new search feature, I decided to add some more features that let you specify the amount of numbers to match in each row, plus the amount of bonus numbers to match, if the game includes bonus numbers.

I also added a feature so that if you're not a platinum member, you can still use a date-range-limited version of the search tool to try it out.  Basically, all of the features are intact, but it limits all searches to the month of April, 2004.

Now only two things left until I can launch the new memberships:

  1. A feature that will give all Platinum members a Lottery Post e-mail address (, and,
  2. Some internal accounting and administration features to track payments and memberships, and to "turn on" certain features when people upgrade their memberships.

I'll probably also need to write a bunch of description and instructions pages to describe all the new features and what you get when you upgrade.

It's getting closer!

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Avatar Benjamin'04 -
so when do u plan to start charging folks and what would be the rates? U should also consider having something that lets people, if they want to purchase numbers or give donations, transfer money to like bank acounts and stuff, catch my drift? It's just an would be something i would do though...
Avatar ONEDAY -
looking forward to it..Will it be like a pool to win, or that the info allready here now will be to have to pay?
Avatar Todd -

Anything you can see for free now will ALWAYS be for free. I would never take something away. You will never be required to pay anything to be a member here.

The new upgraded memberships are going to add some features that are fairly valuable, and they will have a reasonable charge. I will be releasing details about the features and charges within a week or two, so stay tuned!


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