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Former McDonald's Manager Jailed For Beating 17 Year Old Employee


Former Fast Food Manager Jailed For Beating

Judge revokes bond

Former Fast Food Manager Jailed For Beating
Stephanie Scurlock

6:36 p.m. CDT, April 8, 2011

  • Judge revokes bond of McDonald's manager involved in beating
  • 17-year-old victim and family say wheels of justice turning
  • Focus also on federal civil rights lawsuit against McDonalds

(Memphis 04/08/2011) A Shelby County judge throws a former night manager for McDonalds in jail even before deciding his fate.

Jackson Martin III is charged with beating a 17 year old employee at a Raleigh-area McDonalds. The incident happened 14 months ago and Martin pleaded guilty to the charges. The judge is still deciding his fate but while he does Martin will wait it out in jail.

Judge James Lammey revoked the bond of former McDonald's manager Jackson Martin III.

The judge's action means Martin will go to jail and wait it out until his next court date on May 23rd.

Martin's victim, 17-year-old Jarelle Gray, is glad.

"It feels like at least some justice was done and I believe that Judge Lammey did the right thing," said Jarelle Gray, 17 year old victim.

Martin's family left upset. In exchange for his guilty plea he is hoping for probation or judicial diversion, which wipes away a crime after one year of being trouble free. His attorney says it can still happen.

"He can still grant judicial diversion. He can still grant judicial probation," Justin Gee.

The video from the Raleigh McDonald's shows what happened.

Police say the two got into it because the teenager wanted to clock out.

The words turned violent when Martin started punching Gray in the face and slammed his head against a counter.

The judge asked to see the video from different angles.

"Well, it's rare in any case when the actual crime is recorded on video tape," Kevin Rardin.

Meanwhile, the Gray family looks forward to holding Martin and McDonald's accountable.

"They're thousands of parents that entrust their kids to this company to work and we've got to look at what kind of protections they give these parents and give these kids," said Gray family lawyer D'Army Bailey.

The sentencing phase of this hearing continues May 23.

That's when Judge Lammey is likely to render his decision.

He'll decide if Martin will stay in jail, get time served or probation.

Father Of Beaten McDonald's Employee Claims Memphis Police Didn't Do Their Job

Jerome Gray Says Officers Were In The Restaurant Eating At The Time His Son Was Beaten

Father Of Beaten McDonald's Employee Claims Memphis Police Didn't Do Their Job
Alex Coleman

3:38 p.m. CST, February 16, 2010

  • Fast facts:
  • - McDonald's Manager Employee Fired After Allegedly Beating Teen Worker
  • -Former Manager Faces Simple Assault Charges
  • -Teen's Father Says Memphis Police Could Have Done More
(Memphis, TN/February 16, 2010) Jerome Gray is outraged over the beating of his son. Gray said, "This child was attacked at Mcdonalds."

His 17-year old son, Jarelle, is a McDonald's employee. He was punched, kicked and thrown against the counter by his supervisor after a dispute over free food and when his shift was supposed to end.

Gray said, "I got a phone call from the owner of McDonald's. He told me Jarelle didn't do anything wrong and he was sorry for what took place. He said he fired the manager."

The manager, Martin Jackson, has been fired, but Gray says what bothers him is that three Memphis police officers were at that very McDonald's eating at the same time his son was being beaten.

Gray said, "Three MPD officers were there on the scene and didn't do anything. How can you be feet away? How can you be feet away from where a crime is taking place and not do anything?"

The former McDonald's supervisor now faces simple assault charges, but Gray, who's a Shelby County Deputy Jailer, says that charge is not severe enough.

Gray said, "This right here, hitting a person's face against a counter, against machinery, things like that. You're using the machinery and counter as a weapon."

We did try talking with the Memphis Police Department about the case. I was told they would not be doing an interview at this time because the investigation is ongoing. Police are looking at surveillance video of the incident to decide if the simple assault charges will be upgraded to aggravated assault. Police tell me if it's determined that Jarelle Gray has broken bones or if a weapon was used the charges could likely be upgraded against the former McDonald's supervisor.

But those words don't comfort Jerome Gray. He says his son, who once dreamed of going to college and becoming a police officer, no longer has trust in them after the way they handled the investigation.

Gray said, "Now that he has experienced this I don't think he even trusts the police officers or the police department. I don't trust them."
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