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To Doctors & Occupations that are in short Supply globally...


Last Edited: April 15, 2011, 4:41 pm

I call this the sacrifice for the profession...Doctors in the USA make: $100,000 a year...Lets say there is: 10 Million doctors in the USA, if all of them were to donate: $50 a month it will be: $12 Billion dollars every year...Enough to be able to hire:120,000 doctors each getting paid: $50,000 a year...Those 120,000 doctors could travel overseas where they are needed or in the: USA country side where they are commonly needed...This way you will be a double doctor or a top doctor as a doctor with a PHD....

It could be done with a lot of professions that get paid a lot or who are willing to contribute the: $600 a year...

You know what i was thinking: If those 10 Million doctors each contribute the: $600 a year it will be: $12 Billion dollars and that will hire: $80,000 brain surgeons and heart surgeons each getting paid: $150,000 a year....Those Surgeons could work abroad...and remember the cost of living in other countries is lower than the USA so: $150,000 a year will be more like: $200,000 a year or $225,000 a year....

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Comment by pumpi76 - April 15, 2011, 7:24 pm
you know a problem with the World that´s why there is so many conflicts in the world...NOBODY LIKES TO LOSE...Every passing second, every individual on Earth doesnt like to lose....If everyone in the world went about their bussiness and nobody liked to lose, what do you think it will happen??? Go figure...Not saying this is the main cause of conflicts but just so you should know...

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