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I never was a pick 3 or 4 player, my stats on a cash 5 would make
anyone laugh, and as for a pick 6 game well, I am truly lacking.

My one true strength in lottery games is jackpot/bonus ball type games.
statistically it makes no sense that I loose so often in a game that the odds
are so little and yet win in games that the odds are so great.
which adds to my proof that the lottery is not purely random.

I grew up in a state that didn't have a lottery. I know, a state with out
a lottery; is like a ballpark without peanuts no matter how good the hotdogs
are you still feel like your missing something.

The first lottery I played was the BigGame long before it was in my
home state as the MegaMillions, I had experience with the Powerball whenever
someone would make a trip south. but for the most part didn't track it,
but until I found lotterypost I was unable to play games like 
Florida's MegaMoney, Kentucky Cashball, Kansas SuperCash, Texas Two Step, etc...

I have finally finished my experiment. as of today 04-23-11 I posted
5861 picks with 496 hits and $4,481 in winnings for a prize ratio of 75.55
in specific games with a bonus ball.

funny thing is I have never yet on this sight hit anything remotely solid.
I have never hit a jackpot, $250,000 second prize, $10.000 third prize or even
as much as a $1000, not even one single $100 dollar hit in all my 496 hits on
Lotterypost yet despite this annoying and unbelievable streak of bad luck, I still
have managed to hold on to 15th spot on the Top Predictors ladder for Other Games.

One solid hit would put me over the top. just one.

The secret to my success; I have invented a system
in which allows me to narrow a bonus ball to 5 numbers with 65%
accuracy. and consistently hit 2-3 string numbers nearly every draw.

Entry #1


rcbbuckeyeComment by rcbbuckeye - April 24, 2011, 10:50 pm
That's not too bad. The idea is to have small wins to keep things interesting while you wait to hit the big one.
Good luck!
LottoAceComment by LottoAce - April 30, 2011, 1:08 pm
thanks rcbbuckeye, I've noticed that you don't do so bad yourself
on the MM/PB Challenges, and I wish Carolina had something
like the Texas Two Step!

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