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Shoe Repairmen Proffessions in Italy, Argentina, Sweden, South Korea: How about this..Part3


Last Edited: April 28, 2011, 5:35 pm

Shoe Repairmen Proffessions in Italy, Argentina, Sweden, South Korea, Canada, Finland, Norway, Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, Malaysia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Singapore, Poland, Peru, Colombia, Ukraine, Romania, Morrocco, Egypt, Algeria, Dem. Rep. of Congo, Angola, Lybia, Mauritania, Something You Can Do….In fact 1 country in every continent can do this….

 Remember this???


Well lets say there is: 5 Million shoe repairmen in each of those countries if all of them were to donate: $1 and 60 cents a month [or $19 a year] it will be: $96 Million dollars every year...With the $96 Million dollars they can build the SETI array....I read that the SETI array costed: $50 Million dollars, $30 Million actually and $2 Million a year to mantain....I read on yahoo that SETI is shutting down due to lack of funds...Yours will be BIGGER....

And is better this way because it means more countries listening to outer space, more countries with SETI...If 5 Million people cant do it then, 2.5 Million people...I thought the array costed: $2 Billion or at least: $500 Million dollars....

Entry #1,776


Comment by pumpi76 - May 1, 2011, 2:09 am
can someone tell: topaz28 to leave me the HELL ALONE....the guys is constantly implying crap to me, everytime i post something important he screen name appears...Topaz is in spanish: YOUR PEACE...as in do what i say or you will not have peace...the guy is not writing anything on the site he is just implying crap to people...

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