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h/l e/o vtracs


Last Edited: December 7, 2005, 7:53 pm

High and Low Chart with Vtracs..


V123 LLL= 012 LLH= 017,062,512 LHH= 067,517,562, HHH= 567

V124 LLL= 013 LLH= 018,036,513 LHH= 068,518,563 HHH=568

v125 LLL= 014, LLH= 019,064,514 LHH= 069,519,564 HHH=569

V135 LLL=024 LLH= 029, 074, 524 LHH= 079,529,574 HHH=579

V134 LLL=023 LLH= 028,073, 523 LHH= 078,528,573 HHH=578

V245 LLL=134 LLH= 139,184, 634 LHH= 189,639,648, HHH=689

V234 LLL= 123 LLH=128,173,623 LHH=178,628,673 HHH=678

V345 LLL= 234 LLH= 239,284,734 LHH= 289,739,784, HHH=789

V145 LLL=034 LLH=084,039,534 LHH= 089,584,539 HHH=589

V235 LLL=124 LLH= 129,174,624 LHH=179,629,674 HHH=679

V112 LLL=001 LLH= 006,051 LHH= 056, 155 HHH=556

V122 LLL=011 LLH=016,511 LHH= 516, 066 HHH=566

V113 LLL= 002 LLH =007,025 LHH= 057,552 HHH=557

V133 LLL=022 LLH=522,027 LHH=527,077 HHH=577

V114 LLL=003 LLH=008,053 LHH= 058,553 HHH=558

V144 LLL=033 LLH=038,533 LHH=088,538 HHH=588

V115 LLL=004, LLH= 009,054, LHH= 059,554 HHH=559

V155 LLL=044 LLH= 049,544 LHH=099,549 HHH=599

V233 LLL=122 LLH=127,622 LHH=177,627 HHH=677

V223 LLL=112 LLH=117,162 LHH= 167,662 HHH=667

V244 LLL=133 LLH=138,633 LHH=188,638 HHH=688

V224 LLL=113 LLH=136, 811 LHH= 861, 663 HHH=866

V255 LLL=144 LLH=149,644 LHH=199,649 HHH=699

V225 LLL= 411 LLH=911,416 LHH=466,619 HHH=669

V334 LLL=322 LLH=327,822 LHH= 377,827 HHH=877

V344 LLL=233 LLH=733,238 LHH= 288,738 HHH=788

V445 LLL=433 LLH=438,933 LHH=938,488 HHH=988

V455 LLL=344 LLH=349,844 LHH= 399,849 HHH=899

V111 LLL=000 LLH=005 LHH=550 HHH=555

V222 LLL=111 LLH=116 LHH=166 HHH=666

V333 LLL=222 LLH=227 LHH=772 HHH=777

V444 LLL=333 LLH=338 LHH=388 HHH=888

V555 LLL=444 LLH=449 LHH=499 HHH=999

Entry #40


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