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Shoe Repairmen Proffessions in Italy, Argentina, Sweden, South Korea: How about this..Part3


Shoe Repairmen Proffessions in Italy, Argentina, Sweden, South Korea, Canada, Finland, Norway, Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, Malaysia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Singapore, Poland, Peru, Colombia, Ukraine, Romania, Morrocco, Egypt, Algeria, Dem. Rep. of Congo, Angola, Lybia, Mauritania, Something You Can Do….

Remember this???


Well lets say there is: 5 Million shoe repairmen in 1 country if all of them were to donate: $1 and 60 cents a month [or $19 a year] it will be: $96 Million dollars every year....Remember the SETI Institute Array and all the countries i mentioned...Well not all those countries are going to set SETI Arrays in their country [Remember is: $96 Million dollars a year PER country]...Well something 1 or 2 or 3 or even a couple of those countries can do iswith the $96 Million dollars PER YEAR PER COUNTRY they can buy: ELECTRON MICROSCOPES and donate them to countries that dont have Electron Microscopes....Someone once told me that an Electron Microscope cost: $1 Million dollars...Let´s say it costs: $7 Million dollars...Then you will be able to buy: 13 Electron Microscopes PER year and donate them and use them for your OWN COUNTRIES ALSO....If it costs: $1 Million you will be able to buy: 96 of them PER YEAR and donate them to various countries and institutions/schools/universities/colleges around the world...

Entry #1,780


Comment by pumpi76 - April 30, 2011, 3:02 pm
you know i meant to write this yesterday...i had a long time i didnt use the ankle weights, use it yesterday and AGAIN a flying bug tried to ram my eyes...

on another note, i had this hunch since: 2009, i have a hunch that oatmeal, cooked one lowers blood sugar or regulates blood sugar...you can just look at it and tell...

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