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Want to See Someone Look Like This...


Want to see someone look from this:

to this:

Want to see someone look from this:

to this:

or this???


It requires kidnapping someone and keeping them in an underground vault cage/den...On the floor of this huge bunker-vault there is 2 metal structures that got the shape of a lowercase n hooked to that n there is chains coming out attached to the hands of these obese women/men, they extend only so much into the obese hand...on the ground there is 2 Dumbells and a curl bar weights...The obese persons job is to lift weights WHEN you tell them to and how much you tell them to...IF THE PERSON DOESNT COMPLY/PERFORM TO THE STANDARDS, THEY GET WHIP/LASH WITH A LASH/WHIP MINUTE BY MINUTE...They cant escape and nobody can hear them...After they look the desired way, you release them...They will not know where they were...You feed them what you want to feed them, healthy food of course...Owe this idea to the movie the: the 300...

remember this:

This can be a fitness plan...Some Expensive gyms ask you for: $100 a month...This plan costs: $150 per month...If you are a busy person and you drive: 4 hours everyday or more, get yourself anyone someone who is willing to work part time for: $150 a month...What do you do?? You pay him/her to motivate you and drive your car while you lift weights IN THE CAR....That´s 4 hours a day that you are missing...You can even play the music while in the car...

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