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Earthquake speculation for US West Coast - Sept. /Oct. 2011


Last Edited: May 29, 2011, 7:28 pm

This speculation is based on information I've gathered from various sources on the internets.  It is 100% theory. 

Watch for news about celestial anomalies during the next few months.  That will be a signal that this information may be accurate. 

Specifically watch for news about the mass of inbound "comet" Elenin or its increased visibility.  Earthquakes have been happening when this object is aligned with earth and sun, which doesn't happen with a comet of its reported size.  I believe this object is being used as a smoke screen for a much larger object on that trajectory.  It will be closest to us in Sept. and Oct. with an alignment occurring at the end of Sept.

There has been a pattern of solar alignments with this object, the moon and subsequent earthquakes. 

The pattern is creating a "square" of progressive earthquakes on the Pacific tectonic plate.

2/27/10   Chile 8.8   (2/28 - full moon)

+ 190 days =

9/4/10     New Zealand  7.2  (9/8 - new moon)

+ 189 days =

3/11/11    Japan 9.0  (3/19 - full moon at perigee)

+ 189 days =

9/16/11   US west coast 9.0 (?)  (9/12 - full moon, 9/27 new moon )

The energy released by these events as measured by earth axis movement is increasing with proximity of the object.

Here are some conjectures based on information that I perceive as "intentionally placed" in conspiracy venues on the internet:

This may involve the Juan de Fuca and/or San Andreas fault(s). 

It may be accompanied by volcanic activity in the Pacific Northwest, Yellowstone and/or the Long Valley Caldera.

There may be two large quakes in a short period of time, one on each fault. 

One or both of them may be epicentered off shore. 

The tsunami created may be greater than Japan's tsunami.  The tsunami may be the story.

The exact alignment with the aforementioned celestial object (comet Elenin?) is concurrent with the new moon of Sep. 27th.  IF there is anything to this pattern, this would be an exceptionally dangerous time for a major earthquake, as the object is at its closest to earth and the earth is in the interior of the sun/object/moon alignment.

I also suspect there may be a human element that is working in tandem with these alignments, which makes the event more predictable. 

Notice the first quake occurred in Concepcion, Chile.  (Conception).  Roughly nine months later was a "birth" as ritual'ed by the staged rescue of the Chilean miners.  Something was begun with that ritual.  The "phoenix rose" that day.

The next earthquake hit Christchurch.  Part of the globalists plan is to destroy religion and replace it with a "new religion".  Christianity and the church must be destroyed.  Remember the actual damage to the largest church in Christchurch?  That became a focal news story.

Then we had the Fukushima nuclear disaster.  Shema relates to an important Jewish prayer.  The first part Fuku speaks for itself.

If the pattern continues we could see an Islam-related name associated with the US disaster.  But Los Angeles (the angels) or San - anything (saint) would still fit the anti-religion pattern. 

Notice that these earthquakes are almost exactly 6 months apart.  Hence, 6-6-6 would be completed with a US quake disaster in mid-September.

Also to consider is the name of the comet, ELE NIN.  E.L.E. stands for extinction level event;  NIN - ninth month is September.  In the movie, 'Deep Impact', the name given to the asteroid was 'Ellie' and was short for E.L.E.

There is no such thing as coincidences.

Entry #289


konaneComment by konane - May 31, 2011, 12:28 pm
Very interesting!

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