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Putting it all on the line


Last Edited: May 30, 2011, 3:49 pm

Even with all the research I have done, I'm still a little nervous about going public
with it. I know that to better contribute to this site I must take a chance and test
my skills and prove myself sometimes. it took a lot of courage to start my own
forum, I don't like to be wrong, and I don't want to be the laughing stock of lottery post.
however, as I have learned with this game, you will be wrong more than you are correct.
I am posting my predictions for the bonus balls all across the US and at the end of
the week I will see how I preformed. hopefully someone will get something out of my
new forum, make some money, or better yet still take just enough to put them over
the top and Win the Big One!!...That would be a Contribution I could be proud of.
who knows maybe I might learn something in the process.   

Lottery                                                      Days Drawn             Bonus Ball Predictions

CAO547 California SuperLot  5/47 + 1/27  Wed+Sat             08-04-13-17-20
FLO444 Florida Mega Money  4/44 + 1/22  Tues+Fri              05*-06-09-13-02-12
KSO532 Kansas Super Cash   5/32 + 1/25  Mon+Wed+Sat    23-05-14-20-16-24
KYO433 Kentucky Cash Ball   5/32 + 1/31  Mon-Sat                20-09-14-15-12
MDO539 Maryland Bonus      5/39 + 1/39  Mon-Sun                05-21-07-15-30
MMO556 MegaMillions          5/56 + 1/46  Tues+Fri                 24-07-11-15-39*-26-18               
OKLAHOMA Hot Lotto          5/39 + 1/19  Wed+Sat                 03-05-15-19-08
PBO559 Powerball               5/59 + 1/39  Wed+Sat                02-13-17-36
TNO Tennessee Cash           5/35 + 1/5    Mon+Wed+Fri        01-04
TXO435 Texas Two Step      4/35 + 1/35  Mon+Thurs             27-21-01-14-08
Va  Win For Life                6/42 + 1/42  Wed+Sat                    05-09-29-33-37-38
Rhode Island  Wild Money    5/35 + 1/35  Tues+Thurs+Sat    32-31-30-21-28-09-10

Most probable to hit in majority of states (what I would play if I was going to run one wheel
for all cashball games).


Entry #2


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