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Well that wraps up Powerball 2005 for WESHAR75 I am holding off until 2006 to buy any more Powerball tickets.  I am going to wait and let the jackpot climb so I can build up a cash reserve to play powerball again.  I think that once powerball is past the third week in january it will be large enough prize to start playing again.  I think as 2006 comes my powerball resolution is to play not all the time but when the jackpots are large and ride the big waves of powerball.  I think that it will be hard for me to do it and not just buy a ticket every draw.  I hope in a week or two I have not broke down and bought a ticket.  I must be strong, got to fight the urge to splurge, must fight, do not know how I can hold on.  It is funny because every year I set a threshold that I will start to play at like $100 million or $200 million for powerball and every year I say what the heck one ticket won't hurt.  See you all in 2006 and happy holidays and a safe New Years. 

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