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"9 in the Rear"... Pick 4 Observation


Last Edited: June 13, 2011, 5:03 am

Here’s a little Pick 4 lottery tip that may be useful to players in some states.

As I was putting together a “last digit manifesto” system for Pick 4, I discovered something.

Now it won’t work in every state, but I did target a few states at the end of May to see if it would work.

The positive results are noted below.

May 26
SBIP$999    Missouri    Pick 4 Midday    24-Way Box    1-8-9-4    1-9-4-   $100
May 27
SBIP$999    Kentucky    Pick 4 Evening    24-Way Box    1-5-6-8    5-6-8-1    $100
May 28
SBIP$999    Oregon    Pick 4 1pm    24-Way Box    1-9-8-0    8-0-9-1    $100
SBIP$999    Oregon    Pick 4 1pm    24-Way Box    1-8-9-0    8-0-9-1    $100
SBIP$999    Virginia    Pick 4 Day    24-Way Box    1-5-6-8    8-6-1-5    $100
May 29
SBIP$999    Québec    La Quotidienne 4    24-Way Box    1-8-9-3    3-9-8-1    $100
May 31
SBIP$999    Oregon    Pick 4 1pm    24-Way Box    1-8-6-9    6-8-9-1    $100
SBIP$999    Oregon    Pick 4 1pm    24-Way Box    1-8-9-6    6-8-9-1    $100

As you can see there were no straight hits in the states targeted, and I don’t care enough about the system to try to see how to get a straight hit, but if you play box/any, you might want to try it in your state lottery games.

So what is the observation?

Okay, if you have a Pick 4 lottery drawing combination that ends in the digit “9″, look for 891x or 861x to show up in upcoming draws within the week (highlighted above in burgundy/wine color). In the above wins, all I did was to play the 189X and the 186X combinations shortly after I saw a drawing that had the digit "9" on the end of the combination.

It is noted that some states would show a 899x or 889X (or 886x or 866x instead of the 891x or 861x) after a "9" showed in the rear of the drawing, so you’ll need to back test to see if any of this is going on in your state. 

Just a little trick to help you narrow down your plays if this pattern shows up in your Pick 4 Cash 4 lottery games.

Ex: Let's look at Indiana which drew 3069 and 5169 on June 8. On June 12, it spit out the 861X box as 6168:


Sun, Jun 12, 2011 3-1-0 6-1-6-8
Sat, Jun 11, 2011 9-7-4 9-4-5 2-5-7-3 5-4-5-0
Fri, Jun 10, 2011 3-4-3 0-1-2 7-1-5-7 5-8-7-7
Thu, Jun 9, 2011 0-6-5 2-2-7 1-4-4-2 2-0-9-4
Wed, Jun 8, 2011 9-3-2 6-4-0 3-0-6-9 5-1-6-9


FYI, our "9 days till Summer 2 for 1 Sale" ends on 21 June. See my homepage for details.

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