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NEBRASKA Nuclear Plant Level 4 Emergency (Flood) *Vids


Gee, I just stumbled onto this story on YouTube. Not a peep out of mainstream media. The river floods are said to only rise higher this summer and this nuke plant is already in trouble.

Pass this one on to everyone you know since they aren't telling us.

Drop down the arrow to read the article while seeing the video for more info there. It's a 3 part video.



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Rick GComment by Rick G - June 16, 2011, 10:27 am
As bad as the flooding is, it's only just begun. It baffles the mind that our basements stay dry with six inches of concrete but three feet of concrete isn't enough to keep water out of a containment facility. Have they never heard of a sump pump? I bet their deep underground military bases are bone dry. Also, when they build a nuclear facility next to a body of water there is always the chance for flooding. Common sense would suggest that sensitive control systems and backup power supplies should be high enough off the ground to eliminate the chance of flood damage.

But I don't think flooding is the real problem. Evidence is coming out that the multiple failures at Fukushima (e.g., "hydrogen explosions" that turned concrete to dust) were/are not due to the quake and tsunami. A combination of sabotage and the STUXNET computer virus appear to be the more likely culprits. Extreme focus should be placed on those responsible for security of the facility and the huge 'security cameras' that they installed four months prior.

I would urge people to look more closely at the Japan tsunami footage. As the tsunami rolls in you can see no earthquake damage to any buildings and people are moving about as if nothing was happening. A 9.0 earthquake in Japan would have damaged MOST buildings that close to epicenter and the people would have been seen scrambling to safety. Independent research has put the quake at 6.67 magnitude. Then what caused the huge tsunami?

More info: http://www.naturalnews.com/032692_Fukushima_earthquake.html

It appears to be a concerted effort to 'take out' nuclear power as an energy source. This has become obvious as we are seeing sudden problems at nuclear facilities all over the world where problems never existed before. Problem - reaction - solution.

There are many nuclear facilities in the path of the growing Mississippi River flood. We can expect to see more 'problems' with them, perhaps on the level of the Fukushima disaster. What is going on now is a war against the US population. We will likely lose this war because our gub-mint is not on our side, our media is not informing us and the people are unwilling to read the writing on the wall.
TigerAngelComment by TigerAngel - June 16, 2011, 12:31 pm
Thanx Rick!! Interesting take. I don't recall seeing any earthquake damage to buildings in the footage but I do recall seeing people on foot and in cars trying to get away.
I was wondering about how many plants are along the river flood.
Rick GComment by Rick G - June 16, 2011, 2:07 pm
TigerAngel, in the videos notice the cars driving alongside the ocean when the tsunami hits. The Japanese are probably the most sophisticated in the world as far as earthquake response goes. A 9.0 earthquake would not find people driving alongside the ocean 30 minutes after the quake. They would be headed away from the coast and in fact, nobody would have remained near the water knowing the potential of a tsunami from such a large quake. Keep in mind we're talking about a supposed 9.0 earthquake, the fourth strongest on record.

The following nuclear reactors are in direct danger from the Mississippi River flooding:

* Entergy's (ETR.N) 1,176-megawatt Waterford nuclear plant in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana.

* Entergy's 978-megawatt River Bend nuclear plant in West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana.

* Entergy's 1,268-megawatt Grand Gulf nuclear station in Clairborne County, Mississippi.

But there are more nuclear plants upriver of these facilities that service Memphis, St. Louis, etc. Also, flooding goes as far north as the Dakotas and I'm sure other facilities could be impacted. (I'd be more specific but searching for that info would make me a terrorist.)

Snow pack in the mountains was 300 - 500% higher than normal this year and 80% of that snow pack has not melted. It all flows downhill. The situation will only get worse.

US Navy map of future America:


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