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Just rambling


That didn't take long, did it blogsters?

I'm having some self-discipline problems this morning. 

The habit side of meself is demanding I run up Excel and start shuffling numbers around. 

The ne'er-do-well-lazy-worthless-bum-shooting-for-street-people-status side's saying, "Ahhh, no man!  Let's get this room warmed up a bit, suck another cup of java, go outside for another smoke and maybe try to look a bowl of oatmeal in the eye."

Bum's winning the argument at the moment.

I was reading through some of the threads trying to figure out Lottoloots posts and counter-posts by hypersoniq, time-treat and powerplayer.  I can't make my atrophied old brain focus on what I'm seeing there.  Looks almost like some foreign spy code written in greek.

I've been messing with Excel for a while trying to make it do more to help instead of just sitting there sneering at me as I do what I know it could do if I knew how.  It's reading Mad magazines, smoking cigarettes, making snide comments about who is the boss and who is the employee..... about why I've got it if I'm going to do all the heavy lifting.  But then it says something in Chinese or ancient Egyptian when I ask it how I'm supposed to tell it what to do.

However, thanks to a suggestion on one of the threads from hypersoniq, I have managed to get it to speed the process of sorting numbers.  Don't know why I never thought of it.  I just put them into a column a few thousand lines deep and go for broke.  Sort that mama, then take them down in sequence and line them up so's they look a bit like an upside down bar graph.  That's the closest I've been able to get to using the Histogram feature.  But it's a far sight better and faster than I was doing it before.

Ah well.

Time for another smoke and another run at self-discipline.


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