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Shuffling, cutting and dealing numbers


 Evening blogsters:

I've been neglecting this thing.  The last couple of days I've been distracting meself fairly hard looking at numbers.

I dunno.

I'm beginning to think I'm an amazingly stupid individual in more ways than I usually give myself credit for.  I have a text file of everything Alonzo Wright (Big Loooser) said while he was posting here.  Been going over the hints he gave trying to understand what he was saying.

Here are a few of the jewels he left:

  • I look at numbers the way God looks at them.
  • Keep it simple.
  • History always repeats itself.

Doesn't seem all that cryptic, does it?

Anyway, I've been struggling to put what he said into the context of everything I've learned since about the way the numbers work.  Back testing in a half-arsed way.  Testing all manner of methods and posting them as predictions, usually either as five-number sets, or tight full wheels.

A while ago I found something I've been overlooking for a long time, looking straight at it but not seeing it.  So I put together yet another tight wheel. 

If New Mexico Roadrunner hits these tonight I'll know I should have hopped in the galloping jalopy and driven the seven miles down the mountain to buy half a dozen tickets.







Anyway, everything's quiet here tonight, cats sacked out, 65 degrees indoors without so much as a heater going.  I'd guess there's a lot of familying going on, people coming in from faraway places to try and find things their family members can say to get their danders up, remembering slights and offenses that happened a quarter century ago and hoping THIS time that old dirt can be dredged up in a way that leaves the other party feeling like dirt.

Kids coming home from school to huff and puff with newly found sophistication.  Boys telling their old girl friends there are just NO interesting girls off in the mid-west, and the girls agreeing, but swearing there aren't any interesting boys around here, either.

Life goes on.


Entry #497


TigerAngelComment by TigerAngel - December 22, 2005, 11:29 pm
Hi Jack,
My oh my, 7 miles downhill and 7 miles uphill to buy a ticket? And lately I've been grumbling about walking a few blocks for tickets, lol. Well, I guess you are saving lots of $ on losing tickets. Yeah, those kinds of family reunions. . . I'm glad I don't go anymore. I use to have to psych myself up ahead of time with what my come-backs would be in my defense, lol. One holiday dinner I decided ahead of time that whatever my matriarchal mean 'ol aunt said to me, I was just gona dish it right back to her. Everyone at the table either sat dumbfounded or held back giggles. When it was time to leave she turned sweet as pie and thanked me for coming! Ahhh, the old junior high mentality " now that I've beat you up let's be best friends" LOL No, I quit going to those years ago. . .
FRIENDS=Gods apology for your family.
Comment by Rip Snorter - December 22, 2005, 11:37 pm

Those tickets haven't lost yet. But if those numbers hit in an hour or so it's okay. There's another draw tomorrow.

Yep, famblies are a blessing a lot of us would do without if it wasn't such a joy.

Thanks for the comment


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