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The thrill of hearing on the news that 100 people in some village in hellholeistan were massacred because there was 1 "suspected" terr'izt there is about to lose its cachet. It's going to be your "village" soon enough. The prospect of letting gawd sort it out won't be quite so appealing.

The rights you were happy to give up to feel safe and be protected from "them, over there" will now be kept from you due to the new (and improvedTM) threat of people that look like "you, right here". Note every few months, a new "suspect" is found, in one of the unfilled demographics slots. Gotta collect 'em all.

Complaining that you're not actually safer with all the extra s'curity in place will be treated as disturbing the peace. Witnesses of the recent mass shooting in Norway have said that the shooting lasted an hour before police arrived at the scene, although police, in their own defense, said they were there 40 minutes after the gunfire started. You should know ahead of time that when seconds count, cops are only minutes away.

Don't like the police-state roll-out? Or immigration policy? You must be one of those right-wing extrimists. Got a report about your kind. Now stand still, boy, for the mobile scanner... well, stand still as soon as the shakes from the tasing wear off. Heh-heh. Meanwhile, we'll just scan your DNA.
How soon before those drones over Texas and Arizona are armed? As I said, it's going to be your "village" soon enough.

Meanwhile, please run your drivers license through the reader so that the cashier can ring up your beer and ciggy purchase.
We promise not to save, sell, or pass the info along ... except, you know, in accordance with the law... or by accident... or something.

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