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I play soft


Last Edited: July 25, 2011, 1:33 pm

Most people think I play hardcore when comes to betting on lottery. The fact is I don't play more than $2-3 bucks per day spreading out on a few of my favorite games (Pick 3, Pick 4, Cash 5, MM and PB), and I don't usually play everyday. I find the enjoyment is to look at numbers and come up with ways to try to catch the upcoming winning numbers. That's why you see me with the excel sheets posted for free. I've won few hundreds before from all types of games but never the jackpot. The fun is to create a tool to help look at numbers differently. I guess what I'm trying to say is you'll be seeing a lot more excel from me. Some will be off the ball while others are gear towards simple trends. Just have to pick which ones you like and stick to it. Use it for eliminating numbers or numbers to play for next draw. It works both ways. Matter of fact it works better when use it to eliminate from.

While I try to make my work distinctive with colors and layout structure, by no means I'm the best or even know much about the lottery mathamtics. I see patterns and to help illustrate that I apply colors so they can all be for quick glance and one would see how effective the system is. If it is effective, play the numbers it produce, if it is not then don't play those numbers it produce, quite simple. Thoughout the day the environment inspired me with the new way of working with numbers, however, time puts a limit on how much I can create per week/month. But I feel I can create a system a day if the opportunity comes up. That would be too many excel sheets for people to jump from. So the best way to relaese them is weekly or biweekly or even monthly to really give the previous release a chance to run its course. All states are not equal, they behave differently, and with the range of numbers there will be endless trends that occur. With the law of mathamatics considering sum, odds and even, high and low combinations they will remain within similar range no matter where it is played. The best bet are within that range.

Anyway, I do hope people understand that I do not have the time to add more to the available systems. Once I start doing that there's is no end, and the main focus of the system fades. Because of limited time I'm unable to take request to create excel for player's ideas. Excel is a great tool in quick calculation and data storage. I learn the basics from mrexcel.com there's a forum there that I often log in and ask for formula or macros and the friendly people there helped me out by providing what I need. They don't create the sheet for me, they just give me the formula and I use that to make things work. But without devotion and time no excel can be created. There are many great excel programmers on here that one can ask for help. I don't consider myself a programer at all more like average lottery player who happens to share what he has.


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Comment by bainboy - July 26, 2011, 6:24 am
They are much appreciated!
Comment by GASMETERGUY - August 2, 2011, 11:21 am
I don't play, either. I use the lottery as a source of random numbers. I use Excel to look for patterns and how those patterns relate to one another. I have yet to find a common denominator among the patterns but I sure do enjoy looking.

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