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Post Christmas let-down


Morning blogsters:

Coyote serenade on the mesa sounds fairly mournful.  Maybe old Santy didn't bring them everything they wanted.

I read somewhere once that the day after Christmas is plagued with suicides and depression.  Post Christmas Let-down, the thing I was reading called it.  An actual human condition, identifiable by the fact it has a name.

Post Christmas Let-down.

Serious business.  A name that has a proud walk.  Post Christmas Let-down.

Old Santy doesn't bring you whichever doodads you wanted best and you think about it all day, sleep on it, and go out into the garage and hang yourself.

You earthlings are truly fascinating, weird creatures.

Post Christmas Let-down.




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iam713Comment by iam713 - December 26, 2005, 10:37 am
Stop being depress, u know that I really do luv you so u do have someone that is concern. My pain is in the left knee. Just to let u know I just found out that I am pregant by that man. He don't want to acknowledge that I am carrying his child. This   is really making me very upset. I am on disability and now I don't have a place to live. And u think u are depress. My Christmas present from him was "I don't know". Tried to offer him a kiss on the cheek this morning when I say him at the store. He is so afraid of his God because he has committed adutlery. I really don't have that problem because we have all sin under the sun. So, I am not afraid of what I have done. My second husband has committed a sin against me. I can forgive him and myself. That is what you should do with what has happen to u in the past. Jack, I am making an offer to u. I really would like to met u. Please try to understand that we can be good friend. Friends turn into lovers, Jack. Hope this will make you feel better about your Christmas blues

Luv Linda
Comment by Rip Snorter - December 26, 2005, 10:57 am
Hey linda.
You are reading me 180 degrees off my reality.
I'm not depressed. Period.
I'm most likely the least depressed person on this board for the simple reason that I have the greatest reason for being exhuberant.

I get to be me.

All the rest of you have to be whomever you are, instead of being me.

As for your friend and his concern for having committed adultery, he's right to be concerned. Wing-walking is a lousy business. In case you're not familiar with the term, 'wing walking', it involves those barnstormer flyers of a better time. They'd have a person standing on their wing, fly alongside another plane while the wing walker changed airplanes by stepping onto the wing of the other aircraft.

A wingwalker always needed to make sure he had his foot firmly planted on the wing of the new airplane before he switched his weight off the original one.

That's fine for airplanes, but pure trouble in marriage. Divorce is too easy. If a man needs out of a relationship he needs to do it. Afterward is plenty of time for him to look for other wings to plant his foot on.

Forgive what's happened in the past?

I do it every day, linda. It's part of my daily affirmations. I think through everyone I can think of who's done me wrong, and I forgive them and think of something good about them. Then I forgive myself for being the flawed man I am and have been.

Linda, we aren't going to be lovers. We aren't going to meet. We're just going to go along being precisely what we are right now. People expressing themselves by written words on the screen of a computer.

I wish you well. I hope you all the happiness you can give yourself.

I don't have any Christmas blues. Not believing in Christmas frees me from that obligation.

Thanks for the comment, linda.


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