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Some ideas & Some Thoughts...


Cant they invent a watch that gives the time but that it also tells you when you get AIDS or diabetes or cancer that everyone in the world must wear??? A watch that sort of like scan the body…I know they can invent it because they came up with the watch that works based on your pulse…I know they can…


Why don’t they take dirt bikes competitions and make it a dirt bike gambling competition just like horse racing gambling…you can make it for teens…you can do the same with fast boats…you can let the revenue go to childrens causes or childrens research or people who live in extreme cold weather…Dear God have mercy upon me for not thinking of this before…I have got to beeeeeeee the most mentally challenge gorillaaaaaa eeeeeeeverrrrrrrr…..if there was a human expedition to another planet we will NOTTTTTTTT LAST/MAKE IT…………AGAIN   ONNNNNLLLLLLYYYY SATAN DOESSSS MAGGGGGIIIICCCCC……


I was tired after I wrote this about if there was a human expedition to another planet we will not make it and that only satan does magic…well I had my keys with me, they are 3 in total, 3 keys I tossed it into the armour where I have my personal stuffs and guess what??? It hit the tip, like the tip and then you fall into the abyss [like in the movies]…well the thing is that ive tossed it several times and most of them have hit the tip…7 out of 10 have hit the tip…


THIS IS A WORD OF REFLECTION TO THE ENTTTTIIIIRRRRRE WORLD…SO TO THE ENTIRE WORLD PLEASE RELECT ON THIS…HOW CAN I START??? LOTS OF PEOPLE DON’T BELIEVE IN WINGED ANGELS IN WINGED CREATURES…WINGED DRAGONS OR ANGELS OR UNICORNS COULDN’T POSSIBLY EXIST…GUYS HAVE YOU EEEVVER SEEN A WHITE TIGER??? YOU LOOK AT A WHITE TIGER AND YOU SAY, DID THE CREATORS OF THIS UNIVERSE OR PLANET OR DID THE ANCIENTS LEFT THEIR DOG/PET HERE…DID THEY LOST THEIR DOG/PET WHEN THEY WERE LEAVING…YOU LOOK AT a white tiger and you feel like asking it, what darn planet in this galaxy or universe are you from??? Guess what?? The sssaaamme you can say about Caucasian people and some Asians and latinos and arabs…you cant see yourselves you can see yourselves in the picture but we black people cannnnn…you look at it and you say, my gosh the thing is real, I am darn touching the darn thing, people come on come and see is realll…even if you cant see yourselves all you have to do is look at a white tiger…looking at many Caucasians, latinos, arabs and Asians if like looking at the predator in the movie predator1 become invisible in the jungle…you say to yourself what f…. planet is this????well the same way you see Caucasians people and the rest you should tell yourselves the same way other creatures could exist like winged creatures…the same way people have seen big foot and say, whaoo hold on…the same way other creatures could exist…you need to reflect on that…you may say, oh no but you see and I/we say: DUDE I AMMM LOOOOOKKKKKIIINNNNG AT YOU…I AM LOOKING AT YOU AND I WANT TO GULP…..YOU CANT SEE YOURSELF, I CAN…who in the entire hissstttorry of mankind will evvverrr think that a man could remember 500 digits or that a man could run 80 marathons straight and not get tired…I look at yourself and i/we ask what the hell happened: 2 million years ago with that first monkey of evolution…did they took that monkey to another planet…did they pass that monkey through their version of some sort of MRI or CT SCAN OR XRAY SCAN…so if youuuuu can exist and I can feel that you are made of flesh and bone that you are real and you exist I don’t see why winged creatures cant…

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