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Some Ideas & Some Thoughts...


You know I am serious you go to a toy store or a place that sells school supplies store and on each you will see like: 10,000 things been sold…and you say: good grief!!!…

That’s just in 1 state, you add all the states and countries in the world and never mind a huge number like in the septillion…And I said to myself if they only took 1 or 2 of those toys/school supplies things the planet might save itself like: $20 Billion dollars to $40 Billion dollars every year…They could for example delay it for 1 year place it in the bank earning interests and with the: $1.6 Billion dollars every year they could create a: ¨Free Sweepstake¨ to help people: you could make it of I don’t know, poker, blackjack, roulette, or other casino game, ect, ect…it could be a who wants to be a millionaire/jeaopardy game or a wheel of fortune game, ect, ect…[they will be getting the $40 Billion dollars every year for whatever the planet might need, it will just be delayed 1 year that’s it] but different from any sweepstake, on this sweepstake people are asked to do certain things that might be beneficial to the world/country/region/province/state like to the winners, they could ask the winners to donate any lose pennies they might have that can be in turn donated or bought food and the food be given to whoever needs it like, prisoners, vagabonds, people in psychiatric hospitals, or medicine can be bought for people in psychiatric hospitals, or people with mental disorders, or the elderly, or people with mental disorders on the streets, or to get the medicine people are asked to volunteer 4 hours once every month or in the case of the elderly getting medicine to volunteer 4 hours once a month or donated anything they don’t want or think is worthless…..

Or they can take the: $1.6 Billion dollars put it in the bank for 1 year and then use the: $1.6 Billion dollars and with the: $64 Million dollars from interests do something with it…For example with the: $1.6 Billion dollars they can put people to work give them, jobs or part time jobs…For example with: $1.6 Billion dollars you can put: 534,000 people to work part time, like homeless people, paying them: $250 a month which is half of a $500 a month paycheck….Remember all of that from just 1 or 2 toys…The $64 Million dollars for example you can invest in the Forex and with the revenue use it for something…Remember that’s: $64 Million dollars every year…

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