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Vtracs ..the way.. dont let others fool you


Vtracs/warnings are the way to go..

Every string of vtracs fall within the same time frame. You will notice this if you watch all states as I have done in the past..  I kept some very tight records of only doubles for nearly 6 months.. yes they do travel as some mentions.. but think about it.. a string of double vtracs contain 12 numbers in which 8 are doubles..  now if you played the traveling doubles for instance..  443  334 884 448 993 339 998 889 every day in every state the way some suggest , you will be playing 8 numbers x 56 draws..  that is $112 if playing online hoping for a box..  3 times that much if you wheel for a 25cent st..  yes sometimes 3 or more may fall in one day during mid/eve combined, but to put out that much money with hopes it hits some where in North America, is like throwing out all your money across the country and hoping to see some of it return..

It is not that easy.. What is managable is to watch those vtracs.. watch those warnings and play with a little common $en$e..

Entry #53


Comment by pamelab - December 31, 2005, 1:09 pm
Hi I am just learning about your Vtracs. Since you put so much work into it, I had to try it. You know the scientist say that if you work puzzles and etc. your chances of having Alzhemiers(sp) are less. Well after I got through following the steps you had posted on your Blog, I think my chances are -50% of having the disease. Man, that was a work out going back those months, and tracking the vtracs. I'm still working it out. I picked Tennessee, SC, and DC, but i'm going to exclude DC its not coming close to VA numbers. This older lady a long time ago gave me a number line similar to the V numbers 0-5-1-6-2-7-3-8-4-9, the only difference is the 5 and 9, which I always noticed for some reason a 5/9 follow each other. I'm going to be study your web site and post to follow this V tracs. Thanks for the hard work
tnteaComment by tntea - December 31, 2005, 1:42 pm
TN is a tough one.. but I am going to stick with it...

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