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steeling tickets after you print them up


Morning blogsters:

I wasn't going to enter a blog this morning, but I got a treble hook into my cheek on one of the threads.  Can't seem to go offline and stay that way, going back and reading that thread:

steeling tickets after you print them up

So, I figured since I couldn't just get yesterday results and saunter off into my predawn numbers activities I might just as well post a blog entry.  A celebration of one of the things I love about LP.

The unexpected and delightful.

That thread is one example of a class of posts occasionally encountered on LP, a class of posts I place an inordinately high value on.    Likely as not I'll go back and read through it again before I go offline.

I voted.  So should you.

Meanwhile, I'm pleased to announce that the method for figuring 'out of balance' number behavior is either flawed, or the entire concept is hmmmmm not operable (a phrase invented by Tricky Dixon meaning, though I said it, it isn't true because the facts caught up with me and slapped me around a bit).

I figure I'll continue to play around with the concept a bit longer because it fits into some other things I'm messing around with.  Things I'll be messing with this last day of 2005, provided I can break free and not have to be constantly coming back for another read of that thread.

Nice morning blogsters.  Roosters crowing somewhere, coyotes singing.

And the subdued background sound of some dumb old guy in an adobe somewhere chuckling as he reads words on a screen.



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