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Yes, I won $$$$$'s (thousands) of dollars yesterday in the Michigan Lottery but who cares if I win.. Do my customers win with me?  Last weeks Lotto Tip sheet had one number 3x on the front cover and it fell.  It only had ONE NUMBER in bold faced type, because it matched a "good" number from a different computer program I wrote, thus I wanted people to know it was a HOT NUMBER - it fell!!  I personally pick 3 numbers on the front cover for people to play - not only did my pick fall - it fell 3x since!!

Heck, yesterday one of my customers playing in my "Win a Free Month" contest even called the 949 and won!!  So can you win?  I don't know.. Takes some intelligence to do what I call "Play Smart".  Seldom do I call a number for people to play like I did a few days ago with 512 that fell 2 hours later, usually I just give out a pair of numbers, 2 out of the 3 and tell my customers to cover the pair. That is how I win so much..

Here is a post from a subscriber, which I say speaks volumes about Real Lotto Data.


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<?xml:namespace prefix = v ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" />Posted: Fri Aug 20, 2004 8:52 pm    Post subject: This just occured to me....

I looked back at the times I should have hit and didn't. TC had said to play 015 heavy a while back. I didn't get to the store because of time constraints. I was going to put $5 on that straight. I missed the 4 digit 2-way a little over a week ago because I didn't cover 3 of the 4 digits that I KNEW I should cover. This morning was the 499 that I had been playing for about a week, and tonight with the 603 that I talked myself out of, even though it was the last 3 to fall, with 603 being the positions they were longest to fall in. I have been a member here for about 6 weeks, including my free week.

All in all, these mishaps on my part have cost me a whopping $5628 in winnings!!!! That equates to over $900 per week! I don't mean this to be a negative, I mean it as a positive. It just shows that the data DOES WORK, but you have to believe in it, and follow TC's directions that are explained in the lesson and all over the website.

If you are real sure of a pair, COVER IT!! Even if it is just $.50 box tickets. $41 is better than nothing. Like usual, I'm learning my lesson the hard way, because sometimes I think I over analyze things. TC has a proven system here.

This post isn't directed toward anyone in particular, it is just my way of saying that the new members really do need to follow the system, and study the data. It is also a reminder to the long term members as well. Sometimes we can drift away from what does work because of a dry spell, or whatever, but long term, this does work, and if done right, it doesn't have to be very long between wins.

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