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A Message to All the Women & Men of the World & Some Thoughts...


Last Edited: October 7, 2011, 10:35 pm

Yes people I quit blogging but I just have to mention this because they are important for humankind, they are very, very, veryyyyy important…

The line between nature and nurture is blurring…I say is 50/50…

Anyways dude I think it was the ladder story of the Bible where everyone was given a different language and everyone went their separate ways to every corner of the world or if it was the offsprings of Abraham where they all went their separate ways…Dude/dudetes the planet is fullll of people of every walk of life of every history, what I am saying is you don’t know whats out there…Just the same way every human has a unique fingerprint, every human has a unique gene sequence…Every person DNA is inherited from that person lineage…What am I saying: YOU DON’T KNOW WHATS OUT THERE!!! You could be talking to or your own neighbor could be a direct Descendant of Jesus or Einstein, of Hitler or something worse or better and you will not know, you could be talking to another Hitler or a lost Mermaid or the offspring of a unicorn and a human or a Minotaur or the descendat of a person who had sex with an alien king who landed 15,000 B.C or the offspring/descendand of a sex between a UFO Alien & a dinossaur 300 million years ago [who knows what those UFO aliens did 300 Million years ago]…Again there is no way of knowing…So please check the DNA sequence and the history of someone before you marry or have a child with them…You know how they say on tv of travelers that travel like through a worm hole to different planets in the galaxy or to different planets in the universe and how each planet is unique…Well I think each person in this world and each person that is born is like a planet, YOU WILL NOT KNOW WHAT YOU WILL FIND OR HOW IT WILL BE…SO PLEASSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEE CHECK EACH PERSON DNA SEQUENCE, BLOOD TYPE, ANCESTRY HISTORY, EVERYTHING, IF YOU HAVE TO WIRETAP THEM SECRETLY THEN DO SO BEFORE YOU SLEEP WITH THEM…NOBODY IN the world does this…This reminds me of the movie: Jeepers Creepers2 the part when they ask the guy at the end…What are you waiting for…And the guy says: ABOUT 23 MORE DAYS GIVE OR TAKE A 2…lol…You may think is funny but one of these dayssss, someone is going to wake up from the morgue or the cemetery….

I dont like to say this things because then they come back to haunt you but i thought it was important i mention it to the world...it is very important...

 Some Thoughts:

 You know a job the male homeless/vagabunds in the USA can do and this way earn: $1,800 a month???Have them check up, let them have exams and they can work as the male gigolos for the elderly for people who have: 80 years or older…$20 for a 3 hour job…Working 9 hours a day everyday is: $1,800 a month… the male homeless/vagabunds around the world can do it too…

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