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BT Are the worst


Hi all

I must apologise if you have tried contacting me in the past 10 days, you would not have had a reply.

A phone line was damaged across the fields from my office which subsequently took out my internet connection.

I logged over 18 hours of support calls and had 3 engineer visits and now finally, after 10 days I have internet again. BT use Indian call centres for support, so if you have a problem with the internet here in the UK you have to speak with someone in an India call centre, the problem with this is every time I phoned they would just read through the same script again and again asking me to switch of the router, unplug phones etc, no matter how hard I tried to explain the fault was not with my equipment they just kept saying you need to check this or we can't proceed, I spent hours on the phone not getting anywhere with the problem, they arranged an engineer visit that never happened, they arranged for a new router that has never arrived.

I work with Indians on a day to day bases, they are intelligent and very hardworking people, but BT have major fallings here, they don't provide these call centres the tools to do their job, and it appears the call centres cant deviate from a predefined script. I am very ignored about this service and although I have been told I will be getting compensation for the down time the damage this has done to business will take months to fix, I am going to stop now as it's not the place to rant on about this......but needless to say I am not happy about this.

If you have tried contacting me in the past 10 days please be patient, I now have a backlog of over 800 emails. I am working through them in the order they arrived.

Thank you


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