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Sudoku System


Now, I don't know if it works for all states, but I found that it works for North Carolina. You may have to back test it to see if it works for all states. But being that I am a math finatic and I absolutely love numbers, I found that Sudoku works for me. After you finish completing the puzzle, you need to go back and check to see if the winning numbers have appeared. I want to remind you to not be fooled with the numbers that appear more than once. Those are the numbers that have came out all last week. Some of the numbers that I have seen is 450, 164, 889, 321, etc. so definitely keep doing it.


Right now for the rest of this week, I am keeping my eyes on 914, 918, 276, 950, 951 now me personally I would play 276, 950, and 918 more than once exact. If I was you I would play 276 20 times exact and 918 3 or 4 times combo. 950 is a definite winner hands down that is coming out regardless. I have seen it come in my system for sudoku. Now another kicker with the puzzle since zero is not included in the puzzle, where ever you see a 5 you need to add a zero in the corner because 5 is a mirror. I hope is helps good luck pick 3 players.

Entry #2


LurkerMadnessComment by LurkerMadness - October 13, 2011, 2:23 am
Im watching with you.
Comment by pick3addict - October 13, 2011, 4:51 pm
I'm telling you they are coming out. Be on the look out. 951 is definitely coming.

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