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Help For Massachusetts!!!


Has anyone ever noticed how relative the first 3 and the back 3 numbers are in MA? Well, I have a file of roughly the last 1100 draws in excel for MA, and I ran a test based on the last 100 draws. This test actually started on Friday the 6th of Jan. The relativeness for the front 3 and the back 3 are extremely different, meaning in short words, you cannot find the first 3 numbers in the back 3 slots in usually about 100+ draws. If anyone can understand this then you are aware that this is an extremely good statistic. Basicly, if you take maybe the last nights number and do a search for when those same numbers ( as the sum they are) in the back 3 slots you will notice that you may be able to go back 100 draws before you find the same 3 numbers (in any order) in the back 3. Know do this for the last 20 draws and see the results you get. Sometimes its 150, 200, 250 draws back that you'll find these numbers. At the same time, there are times when you can find the front 3 in the back 3 slots in less than 20 draws, but it does not seem like it happens too often. The stat is on your side. Know if you are still not sure how this helps you out, then I will explain.

1.) First, Raise the question to yourself?

If I can't find the front 3 numbers in the back 3 spots then why would I bother playing them?

Exactly,  Then you will Eliminate them.

 Its not that hard and it does not take a lot of time. I will tell you the short cut.

1.) Get the entire sum chart for the 3 digit lottery. If you do not have it I can email you one or post it on LP.

2.) Print out the last 100 draws of MA pick4.

3.) Take each front 3 numbers and find them on your sum chart. X them out with pencil. Depending on how your 3 digit sum chart is set up it may be easier to add the numbers in your head and then find it on the chart and then X it out. Do this for your Entire 100 draws that you print up. Remember the sum itself is being eliminated from the chart and not the numbers in the order you see them. This is very important you do it like this.

Also if you get the same set of numbers in the sum, in the 100 draws then just put a 2 next to it so that you know it came up twice, or 3 times if applicable.

3.) After you have completed eliminating your last 100 draws for the front 3 spots you will have a bunch of numbers left. These are the numbers you want to play in the front 3 spots. This may have to be rotated accordingly to your 100 draws so that you don't wind up killing your average. Meaning, every time you add a drawing to eliminate a set of numbers you will have to add the last drawing, which would always be the 101 st one.

Its kind of complicated to hear for the first time, but don't be bashful to ask for help. I'll do my best for everyone that wants to learn.

I didn't conquer the world of 4 digit lottery for you but, I give you something to use with your other strategies.

This may also work in other states. I am not sure because I did not test it. If anyone has any questions you can email me.

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