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Follow Up Exam


Went to see the doctor today for a follow up after my hospital visit (Wink).

Since I am confined to taking blood thinners for the rest of my life, I inquired about doing my PT/INR tests at home.

I did a little research on the internet and discovered that if you are on blood thinners, you can do PT/INR testing at home.

I also discovered that this was approved by the FDA back in 2004!! Can you believe that!!

Something this great and not too many people are aware of it.

I had questions about the test strips and went to a few local pharmacies and a speciality pharmacy and the pharmacists had never heard of PT/INR self testing at home.

To learn more about PT/INR self testing...... google the subject or check out these sites:

http://inrselftest.com/content/home  Philips PT/INR Self Testing At Home


http://www.ptinr.com/data/pages/default.aspx?&u=patient&ur=true   INR Testing, Coumadin Monitors, Anticoagulation, Warfarin protime test.


My doctor told me that because of my history, I qualify to do this and to be honest, I feel more comfortable doing a weekly test than a once a month test.

My goal is to be consistent with using fasting blood.

I figure it will help me stay on the wagon from late night eating. Habit from working late nights.

Plus it will help me tightly monitor what I put in my mouth.

My second goal is to kick my caffine addiction. We're talking at least 10 liters of RC a day. Used to be Coke but the price went up.

I know it's a hard but a doable goal. Just praying that my family don't put me out with next weeks trash because of the withdrawal process.

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