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Casino Night


Well I went to the casino with my mother last night and she was the big winner again she doubled here $20 to $40 on penny machines.  I had $125 to play with so I started to max bet on the 200 penny machines and I started off good won $20 but then I lost on several machines so I was down half my money.  My mother had sat at this machine called "Eagle Rock" and had played out most of here $5 so she would not put in any more money so she was down to one penny bets when she hit the bonus round for 27 free spins.  It made me sick because I told her to put more money in before she spun any more and she said she was not going to do that.  So she missed out on being a really big winner last night.  So I got on that machine after she quit playing and lost the rest of the $65 trying to get to a bonus round.  So once again mom is the big winner and I end up with the empty wallet.

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fast eddieComment by fast eddie - January 19, 2006, 6:50 pm
w, you go to the casino one day with $10 bucks or $20 then $100+ why not divided all that cash into some $50 buck sessions and set some win/loss limits? you seem to have good discipline but going with less than $20 bucks your just having a good time. what ya think. Since the casino is so close, you really have a good chance to make some money with frequent little trips? Also what happened to the video poker?
weshar75Comment by weshar75 - January 19, 2006, 7:41 pm
Fast Eddie- I gave up on Video Poker because it ate money up just like any other slot machine I do not have enough of a bank roll to stay with video poker. So I went back to the penny machines which are 200 penny's a max spin. This month I have about $200 for all my gambling that is casino and powerball so I played my $125 last night at the casino and then rest I will use on getting powerball tickets for the rest of my month until next pay day. You are probably right that I should break up my spending into small sessions but I live and die bye penny machine max bet as long as it is less than $3 a spin max credits. I will not go higher than that unless I have been on a win streak which has not happened this year yet. I like to max bet too much on penny machines and lately it is getting the best of me.

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