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Atlanta Man Delma Kinney Wins $1 Million Lottery For The Second Time In 3 Years


Last Edited: November 29, 2011, 11:54 pm

Delma Kinney

You'd love to get lucky with the lottery just once, wouldn't you? You probably can't even imagine how it feels to get lucky twice, right?

Perhaps you should ask Delma Kinney how it feels. He knows the feeling. That's because he's two times lucky with the lottery.

Delma Kinney won $1 million on an instant scratch-off game in 2008. Then in November of 2011, it happened again - Another million dollar win. That's a total of $2 million worth of scratch-off wins!

Delma is a 50 year old single father of three. With his first win in 2008, he put away some money for his kids college funds. With his recent win, he plans on giving some money to charity.

Recently, Delma had a cold. That's when he went out to the pharmacy to buy some cold medication. While there, he bought a scratch-off game from Georgia Lottery called Super Millions. He scratched the ticket while back in the car and, as soon as he saw the matching numbers, he knew that he was a big winner. Normally, people that win the lottery experience shock, but not Delma; he'd already experienced that once before. This time, it was just par-for-the-course. Multiple lottery winners just get used to winning, you now?

Delma Kinney won his most recent million dollars on a Georgia Lottery scratch-off game called Super Millions. Super Millions cost $20 to play and offers a top prize of $5 million. The $1 million that Delma won is actually the fifth prize in the game because the game also offers prizes of $2 million, $3 million, and $4 million. The odds of winning any of the million dollar plus prizes are approximately 1-in-1-million.

Source:  http://www.biglotterywinners.com/2011/11/delma-kinney-two-times-lucky.html

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Comment by Starr920 - November 30, 2011, 5:01 am
Congratulations to Mr. Kinney who is obviously a very lucky man:)   Not a fan of scratch-off games but this $20 Super Millions sounds pretty decent to me. New Jersey scratch-offs don't even come close to offering a $5 million jackpot that's for sure! Spend it well Mr. Kinney:)

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