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Gotta get back---


I need to get back to my painting......spending too much time on the numbers...

Been trying to remember my dreams.......I did the other day and 2 digits were in my dreams.  I have been drinking Chammomile Tea at night and a small glass of milk to help the relaxation state.  We shall see if it works.

Still waiting for my other daughter to deliver her baby.  She is having trouble with her blood pressure right now, they put her on an anibiotic cause she is sick and probably are going to induce her shortly.  I don't know why my girls have had such problems with their pregnancy............and of course, I worry....so it is probably not a good time to experiment with the dreams....oh well.........will give it a try.

Entry #8


Benjamin'04Comment by Benjamin'04 - August 26, 2004, 10:44 am
maybe u should take a break from all of this, prehaps sandy, if u would like, u should play my numbers today to win u some extra cash to help out your cause....i say this because im sure my numbers will come out in some way...Im not trying to sound mean but, have anyone of your daughters committed some type of sin? God if u don't know alrdy dosn't just let these things happen to people, there is a reason...u don't have to tell me but whatever it is, it must cease....Im not trying to offend u but it is so likely true.
Sandy KComment by Sandy K - August 27, 2004, 7:03 am
Benjamin, we all sin. God is a forgiving God and does not punish us for our sins per day. Things happen for a reason, "yes" but not to punish, but I believe to make us stronger in our with with HIM. When we ask God for forgiveness and truly mean it, the slate is wiped clean.

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