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Faux labels Greek riots as happening in Moscow


Maybe they couldn't find any domestic videos to swap the footage on?

They do things like this way too often to call it "error" & "honest mistake", anymore. Roll Eyes

They're not dumb, they're simply liars.

Entry #676


Rick GComment by Rick G - December 13, 2011, 5:53 am
And yet how many will still tune in to their nightly 'programming' despite these revelations? Almost all will. There is a pandemic of cognitive dissonance in America. Welcome to idiocracy.

There are no legitimate news sources on TV and very few online. When they start mass producing gallows for the criminals I hope the media is the first in line to swing from them. They are the single-most destructive force in America. Without their aiding and abetting the criminals none of this dystopia would have been possible.

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