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Canadian Couple Wins $191,000 Playing Pick-3


Last Edited: December 20, 2011, 10:18 am

Anna Maria Doering

Do you ever play the Pick 3 Lottery game? If so, what's the most amount of money you would spend on Pick 3 tickets? I'd guess probably just a few dollars. However, there are some people that spend big money on the game. Garry Doering is one of those big money players.

I'll discuss Garry in a moment. But first, here's some basic Pick 3 rules - You can play Pick 3 in two ways; generally, you can choose three numbers to play straight, which means that you have to match the numbers in order, or you can choose three numbers to play box, which means that you can match the numbers in any order. Obviously, it's harder to win if you play the game straight. The odds of winning Pick 3 on a straight game are 1-in-1000. Depending on where you play, the payout on a winning straight Pick 3 ticket is about $500.

In Yukon Canada, where Garry Doering plays, the payout for a winning straight ticket is $500. A few months ago, he won $60,000 in a single day playing Pick 3. How much money do you have to spend on Pick 3 tickets to get a $60,000 payout? $120. That's quite a lot of money to bet on just one set of numbers, don't you think?

But even with his $60,000 win, Garry wasn't finished with his betting. Shortly after the big win, he bought more Pick 3 tickets and gave them to his wife, Anna Maria. With those tickets, Anna Maria won $131,000. If you do the math, it would mean that $262 was spent on those tickets. 

Crazy,  don't you think? I mean, it's great if you win, but if you don't, that's a lot of money down the drain.

Altogether, the couple won $191,000 playing Pick 3. For a game that pays out $500 for a winning straight play, that's not bad at all.

At the time of their win, Gary and Anna Maria Doering lived in Whitehorse Yukon. They said that they would be sharing some of the winnings with their family. Aside from that, there were no other plans for the money.


Source:  http://www.biglotterywinners.com/2011/12/garry-doering-spends-lot-of-money-on.html

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