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math behind sequences and patterns


there appears to be no one formula for solving problems that we need to solve. there are, however different approaches to doing it.


of course it's 5, and to describe the relationship is


for n+5 with a start number of 10 we have







I am looking at trying something on the powerball (just the red one, not the white 5 for now)involving backsolving an equation thatthe data can fit into... I can't see anyother way around it. I have googled for days (weeks even) and according to mathematics as we know it, there is no general formula for this type of thing. I am going to try some different things out including interpolation (to find midpoints in draw data) and then extrapolation (to find the next draw basedonresultsfrom interpolation).

I'm otherwise out of ideas again, and I hate being out of ideas with a PB jackpot over 100M


Entry #113


truecriticComment by truecritic - January 29, 2006, 4:22 pm
Out of ideas? HaHa. Join the crowd. Years ago I created Multiple Regression equations to help forecast winners (wasn't for the lottery). I ended up with over 4,000 equations! I would think of all kinds of ways to manipulate the data - any one of which had some logic to it. Only a handful ever produced the winning way. Eventually, I scrapped all of them because conditions changed and they no longer produced enough.

If I understand your ideas above, seems like they won't work. Let's start with a given: lottery (all of them) are random. If so, then for your mathematical formulas to work, they would have to solve the equation for random. That's why I don't think systems like 1-up/1-down work. Random isn't solved by simple addition/subtraction.

I don't deny that you can come up with all kinds of data. Repeats, skips, bell curve, skewed numbers, etc; But I haven't seen anything that extracts a winning way from that data.

Wish I could offer something positive. Some ideas. Something. But the old brain ain't what it was years ago.

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