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from an email - a jackpot winner's strategy


Remember that guy in Illinois, Jeff, the jackpot winner? He was using Lotto
Cheatah picks back when there was no depth finder, charts or gauges. Lotto
Cheatah was totally manual then and there wasn't much info to base a winning
strategy on. The best one could really do was just sit in one spot and wait
for the big one to come along; a fishing hole strategy.

But what fishing hole to choose? Pre-guessing the right pick setting was the
challenge then and its the same challenge now. We've got alot more tools now
than we did then, but sometimes all the goodies can confuse more than help.

Jeff's strategy was pretty simple.
First, he was confident that he was going to hit the jackpot. He knew it. I
don't know how he knew it. Maybe it was simply confidence, but he knew it 3
months before it happened.
Next, he wasn't trying the impossible. His intent wasn't to jackpot Mega
Millions or even the Illinois Lotto. He played something easier, something
that Lotto Cheatah had already jackpotted. He played for the pick 5 jackpot,
Illinois Little Lotto.

Lastly he chose his pick setting. He went through the Hit Parade and looked
for a Little Lotto 4-hit that was this =><= close to hitting the jackpot;
just one digit out on one number, like you picked a 9 and 10 or 8 hit.. and
you hit on all the rest. As close as you can get without actually hitting
the jackpot. He found one at depth 95, Companions checked.

Depth 95, Companions checked was Jeff's fishing hole for 3 months. He played
10 tickets a day, every day. He hit lots of 3's, 5 or 6 fours and one big
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