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Top Ten Lottery Stories Of 2011


Last Edited: January 5, 2012, 6:44 am

Lotto Winners

People that win the lottery are unique in that one day they're regular people and the next day they're rich. Some of them even become somewhat of a celebrity - They're featured on the news, on TV shows, and also this website.

Lottery winners are also unique in that they get instant riches whereas, normally, people have to work hard to become rich. With instant riches, people don't have experience with money, so many of them don't know what to do with it. That's usually not a good thing, but it often makes for interesting stories.

2011 had it's fair share of interesting lottery stories. Here are the top 10:

10. Alicia Jongstra: The best place to hide a million dollars is in your bra.

9. Ronald Redden: He spent a lot of money on lottery tickets. Then Jesus helped him win!

8. Bridgette Allen: She couldn't afford her electrical bills prior to winning some money in the lotto.

7. Paul Turton: It feels strange to be a millionaire.

6. Karen Flook: It took her just 12 months to blow her lottery money.

5. Roy Chase: His lottery ticket was stolen by a store clerk, but he still managed to get his money.

4. Ann Lepine: Some people that win the lottery end up blowing all their money. Not many get a second chance - Ann Lepine did.

3. Franco Varone: The man that "no speaking da good English" wins $50 million.

2. Kathy Scruggs: Wins the lottery by mistake.

1. Patricia Manzitto: She tries to cheat the lottery, but then wins it fair and square.

Source:  http://www.biglotterywinners.com/2012/01/10-best-lottery-stories-of-2011.html

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