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Ahhhh, 2012... Election year!


Last Edited: January 18, 2012, 11:34 pm

Time to clean house again. We cleaned house in 2010, we're gonna do it again in 2012. This time around, we take the Senate.

Some say the Tea Party is dead. LOL. Let them think that. The liberals have been living delusional lives for too long.


But most important, we need the Whitehouse. Obama has proven his disdain for the Constitution time and time again. Remember the health care debacle, remember how he told Republicans "We won, you lost, we don't need your input"? Since the Democrats lost control of the House, Obama has publically said he will go around Congress to get his way, and he has! Obama has many times insulted our long time allies like England and Israel. Worst of all, he has declared war on our rights with over regulation, laws that edge the Constitution, and most recently NDAA. (NDAA makes the Patriot Act look like child's play) This is the man who claimed he will unite and reach across the aisle. Ha. I called it right after the election, back in 2008 when Obama began announcing his staff selections.

Until the 2010 election, Obama and the Democrats in Congress shut out the Republicans on EVERY MAJOR DEBATE, cramming unread and unwritten legislation through with claims of dire consequences and ultimate disaster if not passed NOW. Regardless of the will of the majority of Americans. Without any proven evidence except for evidence later proven to be planted by Democrat operatives, they claimed the Tea Party protesters as racist and violent. Yet these very same Democrats embraced the OW protesters who proved to be racist and violent (not to mention filthy).

Obama, "the great job creator", has through over regulation and overreach of the Federal government, cost America hundreds of thousands of jobs. And just today, Obama shut down 10,000 jobs with his denial of the Keystone permits. And with that shutdown, he delt a savage blow to American energy independence and lost access to Canada's vast oil reserves. Now Canada will sell that oil to China. (Maybe we can get oil from Soros-backed Brazil instead.)  Thank you, Mr. Obama. That was three strikes with one blow. Even your precious unions are angry at you over that one. 

If the Republicans are smart, they will keep Keystone in the headlines along with Solyndra and all the other crony money giveaways under the Obama administration all the way through November. And what will be the Democrats' response to these truths? "Racist Republicans". I could do a whole nother blog on the Democrats and their obsession with race.

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rdgrnrComment by rdgrnr - January 18, 2012, 11:28 pm
Let's see how the Obama lovers like his $5.00 a gallon gas this summer.
All because he had to keep his environmental wackos in San Francisco happy (Nancy Pelosi's District).
The libs were going nuts when gas was $2.50 under Bush but not a peep out of them now when it's $3.50 under Obama and headed for $5.00 or $6.00. Hypocrites. Maybe Barry will pass out Solyndra solar energy panels to them for their cars, lol.
Comment by Piaceri - January 18, 2012, 11:40 pm
Well, since the Chevy Dolt, er Volt has been such a big hit, maybe improving them with free Solyndra solar panels left over after bankruptcy will bring the cost down so that the "99%" can afford them.

Obama's plan - Environment first, America Last. Our enemies who we have become dependent on for oil will cut us off and force us to Obama's nonexistent green energy. Remember Carbon Credits... follow the money.
hearsetraxComment by hearsetrax - January 26, 2012, 7:59 am
=P @ both of ya

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