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Upgraded My Smart Luck Software...


I got my Filtering Full Wheel Generator Smart Luck Software. This is the best upgrade to my Advantage Plus Software. I love it. I've been playing around with it and the only thing I can say is......WOW!!!

Using the Smart Luck Advantage Plus Software and the FFWG program combined with the Lottery Master Guide is the best selection any serious lottery player will ever make.

Gail doesn't promise you a jackpot, but if you are a serious lottery player with the intention of snagging a jackpot, you will use Gail's Smart Luck Program to cash in many winning tickets.


Party Party Party Party

Entry #162


ToddComment by Todd - January 28, 2012, 5:37 pm
WOW, Gail Howard really ripped off Lottery Post big-time. Gail Howard (or whoever is currently running that business) must go around Lottery Post looking for ideas, because so many of their products are direct rip-offs.

90% of the filters used by the Gail Howard software are direct rip-offs of Lottery Post's Full Wheel Filters, which are available to all Platinum members. I guess they felt they had to make up a couple of new ones to make it seem like they are unique, so they threw in stuff like "Standard Deviation". Yeah, like lottery players are clamoring for that one.
Comment by PERDUE - January 28, 2012, 7:56 pm
Anyone can try to copy what you do.
Notice I said try.
What you have here can't be duplicated.
Know why?
Because you saw something no one else saw and you made it a physical reality.

What you've done in the Systems Forum is beyond anything anyone in the lottery world could ever think of. Especially the last nugget you produced and decided to allow us to use.

You are light years beyond the plebeians such as myself.
If the Lottery Post ceased to exist, over 99.99% of the users would be completely S.O.L.

I openly admit that I am a Gail Howard Smart Luck-A-Holic.
I openly admit that I am a Lottery Post-A-Holic.
One of the best decisions I've made in the past couple of years was to go Platinum.
Best package EVER!!

Believe it or not, I'm still learning about the perks of the Platinum package. Some of the features make me feel like I've taken advantage of you. lol
I don't think the Lottery Post members REALLY know what they have here. I mean really have.

Chief-Chief, you are the ORIGINAL and the copiers are just that, copiers/posers/wanna be's.
ToddComment by Todd - January 28, 2012, 10:56 pm
Oh, I just get a little ticked sometimes when I see that, but I'm not trying to vent on you. Everyone has their favorites software to use, so no big deal. One day I may write a book as a kind of user manual to this web site, because I know there are lots of available features, and most people aren't aware of everything available to them.
Comment by PERDUE - February 12, 2012, 8:49 pm
You have every right to be ticked.
No one ever said being smart and successful would be easy or stress free.
You are an innovative eliteist that is far ahead of 99% of the websites in existance.
You have set a very high standard and the only thing others can do is copy what you do.
And you are right on writing a user manual for this site.
There are a lot of things at this site I am still discovering and learning to use.

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