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A word on Vtracs



Got some lovers of it.. Got some haters..

Love or Hate...

the truth is .. Vtracs playing is only playing

the hot numbers.. or hot pairs..

After working with them for months and reading

responses from other methods, it is clear to

see they are one and the same.

To me it is just a way to organize the data

given in the draws. When you see a double

vtrac fall in one state, you can bet it will return

again in the same state or neighboring state.

Some people line those doubles up and play

them across the states. Which is fine. Could

bring in a hit.. I do that only when those double

vtracs are showing up in the pick 4 as well.

Another way to use those doubles to your advantage

is to watch for double warnings in your state.. or hot


EX..if GA gets a double... and the vtrac is 344..

Look to see if your state has the hot vtracs

34? if so .. play both sides.. especially if you see

the double vtrac in your pick 4 line up.

It is funny to see the haters of vtracs use methods

which is basically vtracs with a different name.

What is funnier is to hear them say it works, and that

vtracs do not work. When they are really one and

the same.

For you new vtrac players... stick with the method,

and most importantly, be someone who has the

withitness. you have to know your surroundings at

all time.

When looking for your next kill.. you have to look over

each results in each state to see what is hot...

Look at the pick 4's.. they are clues that lead you aim

in the right directions.

Don't always look for that missing number.. but do

consider it if you see that vtrac lining up in your

pick 4.. it will eventually swing toward the pick 3..

I am awaiting the day to open up LP and finding the

vtrac result page set up. It will be a blessing to me.

At a glance everyone will see the hot vtracs of the day

and what string to play. It will save lots of time and


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