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Hello LP members,

Just want to stop by and give you some information on Georgia. Sweet Georgia has change and given itself a good face lift. We have found the fountain of youth in Georgia and we want to share the water.

The Fish Aqurium is here and we want you to know that you will enjoy yourself and other location in Georgia. I just can't share these good location with someone because the person that I love is afraid of the town. Can't explain why, he is just afraid. I will just go by myself and enjoy my town sweet Georgia before I leave.

You are probably wondering where I will go next, and I will just tell you that I will find my people. In my heart I feel that my people is trap by unkown sources. This is not good because my people on love the earth and enjoyed what God gave them. They actually praise this earth because it use to be peaceful.

We lost someone very special yesterday and she was the mother of Georgia. She gave all of us a gift that will never be forgotten. Her children survive the battle of Dr. Martin Lurther King Jr.  He fought a hard battle that did not belong to his children. So she made sure that her children was protected away from harm. We still deal with segregation and prejudice ways, however it take time for people to change. Some really don't change, but that's ok because this is a world full of people that is not liked.

I am not here to judge anyone, I am just here to enjoy the life God gave me. To my own family, are you a family or are you just here to pest me off. The King family was a family to cherish, because they had values that they followed. If you want to know there values or philsophy, "Live and let Live, and follow the law of the land. By doing that and knowing that OUR FATHER really love you then it don't matter the color of you tone.

At one time in my life I was an operator and I was told that I did not sound like I was from Georgia. My thinking was "How am I suppose to sound. I try to use proper English, as I was taught in school. However, I think it was the tone of my voice. I did not sound like someone that should be proper.

I just want to say that I love Georgia and Ray Charles music always make me fall in love with Georgia all over again. But I just want to get out gracefully, please. If anyone out there want a unwanted, mentally ill person who is on disability and trying to attend college online, I need somewhere to go. You can lock me up in a room and never let me out. 

Sonny Perdue, Mr Barnes yall have been an inspiration to me and you guys have really improve this city. However, it's time for me to go. Can I have my money and leave this city. The Rushin family is threw with me and the Horne family are theives. I don't know where I belong in this city. So I have to turn to my Father whom is on the moutain with my friend Martin. Just let me know when it is time for me to join you on that mountain. I can see the peak.

Here is some numbers that may be some good

696, 006, 426, 512, 488, 888, 913, 167, 763, 685, 938 720, 558, 227, 886, 022, 011

5824, 8539, 1006, 1061, 8222,

10, 16, 22, 28, 19, 32

Thank you for reading my blog and be bless

LindaAgree with stupid


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