Power Ball Words...


I had these words running through my head all day.
North Dallas 
Ft. Worth 
Liquor Store 
Used the word converter and received these numbers for PB:

Method 1:  04-05-20-36-55, Powerball: 15

Method 2:  04-10-16-19-53, Powerball: 23

Method 3:  01-06-10-37-48, Powerball: 35

Method 4:  05-20-23-42-45, Powerball: 02

Method 5:  22-32-49-53-59, Powerball: 23

Method 6:  30-36-37-53-56, Powerball: 06

Had a 3/5 hit on row 3. :=)

Entry #164


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